Artspace Tannery Lofts & Digital Media and Creative Arts Center

RonHinton_3014OAA Board president Ron Hinton visited the Artspace Tannery project this summer and has shared some of his photographs of the project located in Santa Cruz, California. The Tannery Arts Center Project preserves the historic leather industry building complex and revives the facility today as a thriving art center. (Read more about the Tannery Arts Center Project on a PDF and on the Artspace website.)



“The construction of the project has generated hundreds of local jobs and will benefit our community for decades to come. The Tannery Arts Center is the culmination of years of effort by many community stakeholders working together to realize a vision to preserve and support the rich cultural and artistic heritage that makes
Santa Cruz unique.”

— Bonnie Lipscomb, Economic Development Director, City of Santa CruzRonHinton_3010cr

















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